Hey there! Welcome to Sassy Girl Media

Sassy Girl Media helps small business owners grow their business online. We do this in two ways.

First, we take the stress of managing your website, email and social media away by doing it for you!

The second way is that we teach you how to do it yourself.

With my degree and coaching certifications, I provide you with the tools you need that teach you how to remove obstacles and show you the exact steps to take that will simplify your online marketing and lead you to succes.

What We Do.


I’m Deanna

After ditching the 9 to 5 as a single mom, I decided to launch my own business. Within that first year, I was awarded Top Mom in Business by Startup Nation and Discover Card.

That win led to helping other entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and grow their own businesses and the beginning of Sassy Girl Media!

Sassy Girl Media is an independent,  female-owned online marketing and consulting agency located in Central Florida.

I believe that everyone has the potential to create a life they truly love, that integrity is everything and there’s no reason to get overwhelmed with the “hustle” culture.  

Deanna Hinsz

“Deanna is top-notch! She’s bright, creative and so approachable. Love working with her.”

Susan Mocker

Co-Owner, Extending Grace

“Sassy girl media will give you excellent customer service – 10/10!”

Marisa Sergi

Co-Owner, RedHead Wines/L’uva Bella

Some of our Clients

Best Real Estate Company

Best Real Estate Company

Fusillo TIle & Stone

Fusillo Tile & Stone

HK Accounting & Bookkeeping

HK Accounting & Bookkeeping

Wild Roots Therapy

Wild Roots Therapy

Willow Tree 360

Willow Tree 360

R.Kashmiry & Associates

R.Kashmiry & Associates

The Sassy Girl Entrepreneur Podcast.

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