Just starting in Direct Sales? Learn from rockstars who are already crushing their goals.

Lisa Cricks, a full-time high school math teacher, wasn’t new to direct sales when she made the decision to join Color Street. She knew that she missed that sense of community, but she also wanted to make sure this is what she wanted to commit to before signing on the dotted line.

It didn’t take long for Lisa to reach Director in her organization, (7 months to be exact) and begin seeing the results of her work. 17 months later, her team is generating nearly half a million dollars and she’s not even close to done yet!

I wanted to sit with Lisa to learn what she is doing to hit her goals so quickly, what made her choose Color Street and how her experience can help others do the same.

Glance at the episode:

>[04:38] Breaking the myth of Direct Sales. How the structure benefits everyone with Color Street.

>[08:11] What motivated Lisa to grow her business quickly. “Taking the backpack off her husband”

>[10:26} Why having a purpose is important

>[10:54] What to do after you decide to join. What to look for when signing up under someone. What qualities should they have? What advice does she have for newbies?

>[13:39] What does a typical day look like for Lisa?

>[16:23]. How to take advantage of work life balance while running your own business.

>[19:11] How to handle fear when stepping out of your comfort zone

>[20:10] What inspires and drives Lisa right now in your business

>[21:04] Advice for other women who are considering Direct Sales. What are the two things you must do and the promise you should make to yourself?

>[25:46] Handling “no”. Learn how to let it not get to you and keep going.

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