When you first think of starting a successful business, so many images come to mind. Maybe it’s having that exquisite office overlooking New York City or possibly having the freedom to work outside of a café in Paris with simply your thoughts and a laptop. (that’s mine)

Whatever your vision is when you first begin, it’s not often you know exactly how you will get from point A (where you are right now) to point C (where you want to be). Most of the time, there’s a whole lot of trial and error while you figure it out. So, if you feel like there are days you’re on the hamster wheel, let me just tell you right now, you’re not alone, but I don’t want you to stay there!

That’s why I had to call in my friend, Traci Miller to share her secrets to putting systems in place so that we can learn to work smarter, not harder! Isn’t that the goal?!?

Traci Miller is the Founder and President of Color 3 Embroidery. She’s also the past Chapter President and current US Central Area Director of Entrepreneur’s Organization, or E.O. EO. is an organization for entrepreneurs who are looking to reach their full potential. In order to be part of this exclusive group, you must be a founder or entrepreneur making more than $1 million in annual revenue.

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Shortcut to Show Notes

[3:41] What are systems

[4:37] How did you know where to begin when putting systems in place

[7:14] What are the keys to setting successful systems up in your business

[8:38] How do you put a check balance system in place in your business

[14:00] How systems have improved the hiring process to create successful employees

[18:18] Re-evaluating processes and the value of doing so

[22:46] How much do you credit your business success to having systems in place

[24:50] How Traci started her business

[28:46] Traci’s opinion about niching down and how she has dealt with it

[31:56] What inspires Traci

[33:44] What advice does Traci have for another woman who is thinking about starting a business

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Listen to The Secret to Running a Successful Business with Traci Miller on Apple Podcast