People have asked me what I believe it takes to be a leader. My answer is simple: authenticity and vulnerability.

Most people might agree with me, while others disagree, but let me explain why I believe that. Authenticity is a characteristic I personally look at when I’m deciding who to do business with, bring onto my team, or even keep in my small circle.

It’s important to be that people are real and comfortable being true to themselves. Vulnerability is a little different. It’s darn hard to be vulnerable and I get that. In fact, sometimes vulnerability is seen as a weakness in business. I completely disagree. Vulnerability takes courage to be able to face those fears and insecurities and keep pushing forward.

I believe that these two components have been so important in my own growth both professionally and personally. That’s why I had to bring on my next guest and here’s why…

Picture this: I’m scrolling Facebook a few months ago, not really paying attention to anything, but mindlessly scrolling and wasting time. Through one of my scrolls, I see a photo of my friend. My friend is naked. Is she naked? Was that my friend? OMG! What did I just see?

So I scrolled back and in amazement, I saw it! Right there on Facebook for the world to see was my friend, and guest of today’s show, standing in the middle of a road, with the mountains as a backdrop and only her arm covering the parts of her body that Facebook wouldn’t allow. What the what?!?

I had to learn more and she’s joining me to explain her amazing (and courageous) journey has now become a movement.

Meet Emily Petroff, transformation leader, who is taking an eye-opening approach to inspiring others to embrace their authenticity and vulnerability in her movement, Naked And Un-Afraid. The Naked and Un-Afraid Movement is about showing up in a way that founder, Emily Petroff never had.

In this episode, we are talking about:

  • How to be vulnerable and show up in life and business
  • It’s time to stop comparing ourselves. Get in front of the camera, do that Reel! Get those photos taken and embrace your body.
  • Stop watering down your message around certain people.

Be ready to be inspired and motivated to start living life Naked And Un-Afraid.

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