About Us

Sassy Girl Media is a woman-owned digital marketing agency that works with entrepreneurs to create winning digital marketing strategies that will help launch and grow their business.
Hey! I’m Deanna Fusillo
Deanna Fusillo

My favorite part!

Those moments when the client first sees their website or the campaign that you are running starts generating sales. The phone call, emails and texts are filled with excitement and empowerment…and I’m just as excited as they are for their successes!

What makes me different!

I’ve walked in your shoes. Here’s the truth…having a digital marketing agency was not in my game plan. It wasn’t even close to something I thought I would do one day. However, when I left a corporate job in 2010 to start my own business, people thought I was crazy. I wondered myself if I lost my mind.

It was hard enough, but as a single mom with two boys, it was challenging. I ran through the money I had saved quickly and had to learn how to market my business in order to keep the roof over heads. In 2011, after winning Top Moms in Business by Discover Card, women began reaching out to “pick my brain”. I started teaching them how to do the same. Before I knew it, and seven years later, I had a portfolio of web design and social media clients referring others to me. That’s when Sassy Girl Media was born.

My Thoughts

If you aren’t successful, neither are we.

With a team that now consists of analytic nerds, extroverted creatives, dedicated designers and charismatic business leaders, we’re ready to serve your digital marketing goals. This isn’t just about being a digital marketing agency- it’s about creating a culture of empowered entrepreneurs.

All my best,

Deanna Hinsz