The 7-Day Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Get clear on the three most important pieces of information to get you on the path to content strategy success!

Oh…and it’s totally FREE!


Boost Your Digital Marketing 7 day Bootcamp

You know that you need to improve your online strategy.

If you understood exactly how to market your business online, then

… Your message would be clearer and attract your ideal customer

… You would have more traffic to your website or storefront

… You would be able to grow your business exponentially and give you the freedom and security you desire. 

But… right now, you don’t even know where to start.

Introducing Boost Your Digital Marketing 7-Day Bootcamp

During this 7-day Bootcamp, you will learn the 3 essentials steps to boost your digital marketing.

Defining Your Avatar

The most common mistake is that businesses are afraid to niche down because they are afraid of leaving money on the table. The reality is, not niching down is actually hurting your business!

You will uncover who is your ideal customer and how do you identify them.

What is your goal

What do you want to achieve with your marketing?

Increased sales?   Grow your email list?

Brand Awareness? 

You will know how to create a strategy that fits each of these goals. 

Where should you put your energy

You don’t have to be everywhere. In fact, you shouldn’t be. The only place you need to place your energy where your audience is. (But it’s not always as easy as that sounds!)  

We will uncover what that looks like for your business. 

Why is this vital for your digital marketing strategy?

Improving your digital marketing is more than posting content on social media. It’s knowing your brand voice, who you are speaking to, and being in the right place.

During these 7-days you’ll know the essentials needed for a powerful digital marketing strategy.

During The 7-Day Bootcamp

A 7-Day Plan to take you from totally overwhelmed to clear, confident!

Live training on the 3 Key Steps every business owner needs to know in order to be truly successful online!

Your very own workbook and assignments for each training session are designed to help gain clarity on how the 3 essential steps to boost your digital marketing! 

Live Q&A sessions — after a decade of helping business owners grow their business online, I’m ready to answer your questions!

Challenges,  contests, and giveaways! (enough said!) 

IGNITE Your digital marketing

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out my 3-Day Bootcamp! I’m super excited to have you here and want to share just a couple of things with you. 

First, you should know that everything I teach in this Bootcamp is the same information that I teach my paying clients!

Second, this is the most popular free training that I offer.  I’ve learned after working with so many clients, as well as my own mistakes, that these 3 essential steps are the most common mistakes that are made when creating a digital strategy. 

What you will learn in this Bootcamp will help you throughout ALL of your digital marketing. You will gain insight on: 

* Social Media. * Website. * Email   *Ads

I can’t wait to see you in the group!