Getting in front of your ideal prospect may sound easy at first. Maybe you know a lot of people or come from a big family as I did. It should be a breeze.


Getting in front of your ideal prospect can be challenging, especially if you don’t consider yourself a natural-born salesperson, like my guest, Jennifer Seeno Tucker.

Jennifer is an Associate Broker & Vice President of Business Development at Exit Realty United located in Nassau County, New York. She is the co-creator of The 7 Saturday’s Training Program for local real estate agents. She has helped dozens of real estate agents transition from paycheck employees to a flourishing career as sole proprietors in real estate. Jennifer has also guided many real estate agents throughout their careers and helped them stay focused on meeting their goals as business owners.

Jennifer sat down with me and shared her 9 Tips on how to get in front of your ideal client, and you don’t have to be in real estate to use these tips!

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Shortcut to Show Notes

[3:15] Jennifer’s story and what lead her to start her own business

[6:45] What happens when you don’t have the skillset for sales when you want to start your own business

[7:40] The value of working with a coach

[9:48] The 9 ways to get in front of your ideal client

[11:02] The Dirty Dozen: Why you need to know them.

[16:27] What marketing tools does Jennifer use

[29:23] How to overcome the fear of “selling” when you don’t like it.

[33:24] The power of video

[35:41] What does the typical day look like for Jennifer

[39:37] Advice if you’re thinking of going into real estate

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