If you have scratched your head wondering how you could increase your revenue at any point in your business and just felt like you were working harder or smarter, but not getting anywhere. You’re not alone! Sometimes the tools that are shared with us don’t always work. That doesn’t mean they aren’t proven tips or strategies. What it means is that each of our brains is wired differently. So what works for me and is super easy may be super challenging for you, and vice versa.

In today’s episode, my next guest is talking about how to double your revenue in 90 days! I know it sounds crazy, it did to me at first too, but the brain is a powerful tool! Having a degree in psychology, it’s no surprise that I totally geek on topics like this and I’m excited to share it with you.

Jarrod Haning, from Mindset Performace, has the perfect example when he shares this analogy, “You know how when you’re in the corn maze and you’re not sure if you should go left or right? But, when you step on a ladder suddenly the maze is no longer a mystery?”

That’s what Jarrod Haning does for business owners. By teaching them how to think at a higher level, they are able to see the whole picture, and suddenly the obstacles that were blocking their growth no longer exist.

Everything he teaches comes down to this one thing:

“a breakthrough in your business will first happen as a breakthrough in your thinking”

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[3:41] How to start the process of understanding where you’re really stuck

[5:47] How to know where our blocks are and what we need to change

[7:14] Mindscans versus other personality tests

[8:59] Why trying harder may not be the solution

[9:28] What information does the mindscan share

[12:08] How to know if using a to-do list is working for you

[15:50] “No one will treat my business the way I do” may not be the truth

[18:48] How to double your revenue in 90 days

[26:27] the power of uncomfortable conversations

[27:50] The key to having those uncomfortable conversations

[35:16] How to pull yourself through being stuck