Have you ever had a great idea for a event or conference but never got around to making it happen?

A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners think about launching their own conference or event, but they often put off the work because of how overwhelming it can seem. There are so many logistics that need to be handled in order to pull off an event of this magnitude, including finding speakers, sponsorships, venue arrangements and more.

If you’re thinking of launching your own conference or event, then listen in on my latest podcast, How to Launch a Successful Event, with special guest Dennis Schiraldi, founder of DOYO Live, Interactive Marketing Conference

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[8:28] How to sell new concept for an event

[10:12] The first email Dennis got after announcing launch, and it wasn’t pleasant

[12:21] How do you know how to price your event

[17:06] Finding the right time for your event

[19:35] How long before you event do you start promoting it

[22:23] How to promote your event

[25:28] Should you run ads for your event?

[27:51] “Don’t get caught up in last touch point acquisition”

[30:26] There’s not one marketing channel that dominates the landscape of promoting an event

[31:15] What to do when people wait until the last moment to buy tickets for your event

[38:41] Advice from Dennis if you’re hosting an event

[41:59] Who should you hire to help you market your event?

[48:29] The biggest takeaway if you’re thinking of having an event

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