Fear. We have all encountered this paralyzing emotion at one time or another.

“Fear becomes a blanket that we cover ourselves in and we have a perceived sense of safety when it’s really quite the opposite. Fear is completely holding us back.”

Those were the words shared by my Elizabeth Nader during my interview with her, while we were discussing her upcoming summit, Flatten Your Fear Summit that begins on August 1.

Flatten Your Fear Summit is a free summit that will feature 22 experts and guests that share their personal experiences on how they faced fear and overcame it. You must register for the event, but Elizabeth has made it beyond easy to be part of this! Simply register and wait for each interview to be delivered right to your email inbox! You don’t even have to get dressed or show up online!

Today you’ll hear the conversation between Elizabeth and me as we discuss how to live in our purpose without allowing fear to stop us.

  • Learn how to heal our deeply negative thoughts and beliefs
  • 21:24  Understand how to use the Thought Ladder approach to change the way we think

“Fear will keep you from your purpose and there’s not one person who doesn’t want to experience their purpose. You were created on purpose for a purpose and I hope fear doesn’t stop you from experiencing it. Let’s get past it. Let’s get strategies to deal with it and let’s conquer it” – Elizabeth Nader