Google AdWords

AdWords can be complicated and if your ad campaigns are not properly created it can cost money without bringing new customers to your business.  Having said that, Google AdWords is the hottest target marketing strategy on the market today.  No other company can compete with Google’s search traffic as they control more than 60% of all web searches.

Google has become one of the world’s largest companies and much of their revenue comes from their AdWords product with major companies spending millions of dollars each year while they promote that they do business with more than 1 million companies.

With Google AdWords, you can reach consumers when they are searching for the products and/or services that you or your company offer reaching more prospective customers than you could ever reach before.  More importantly, if consumers don’t click on your ad, you don’t pay.  It’s called pay-per-click advertising. 

With Google AdWords you reach prospective customers at a critical moment!  When they are thinking about buying whatever it is that they are searching for and if your ad is shown, they are looking for your products and services.

It is a cost-effective strategy as you can establish your own budget.  Some small businesses spend $200 per month while some larger companies spend up to 50 million dollars each year.