The words that we use when creating content play a powerful role in determining if your audience will engage or simply scroll past. Understand power words, what they mean and how to use them can make a huge difference in your content.

Let’s face it, social media is a noisy place. There are thousands of businesses out there doing the exact same thing you are: Creating content to attract buyers and build their business. Some days it feels like you’re spinning your wheels trying to find the right thing to share. You want your audience to engage with what you post, but how do you nudge them just enough to get them to respond?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s all in your words!

My guest today is a college English teacher and social media marketer with Libs Market. Hannah Satterfield understands how words can be used to influence your audience. I met Hannah two years ago when she signed up to work with me one on one to help you achieve her goals.

At the time when we met, she was in a place of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Not only did she dig deep to overcome some obstacles in her way, but she found a way to use her gifts and create a life she absolutely loves! Hannah is now the marketing director for Libs Market. She’s talking about coffee, social media, and how to use the right words, also known as power words, to impact marketing.

She shares 5 different ways to use power words when creating content which are:

  1. Emotion: Bold, Ignite, Alarming, Crushing, Heartwarming
  2. Fear of Missing Out (aka FOMO): Limited Offer, Hurry, Last Chance
  3. Safety: Recession-Proof, Caution, Safe, Scam, Reliable
  4. Urgency: Today, Immediately, Jumpstart, Kickstart
  5. Value: All-Inclusive, Expert, Powerful, Proven

Check out our conversation to learn more about how to use power words to increase engagement.