IGNITE! Your Online Marketing


Get clear on how to simplify and improve your online presence. Ignite! Your Online Marketing is a 6-week training that will take you from overwhelmed to organized.

The training will include:

  • Social Media
    • How to optimize your profile
    • Are you on the right platforms
    • How to connect with your audience and grow your business
  • Website
    • SEO, what it means and how to set your site up for success
    • How to take the user though the buying process on your website
  • Email Marketing
    • How to grow your subscriber list
    • Creating a white paper
    • Creating a welcome email
    • How to turn subscribers into customers
  • Facebook Ads
    • Which ad should you run for the goal that you have
    • Getting specific with who you are targeting and how to save money with your ad campaign
    • Creating copy that converts