There are many common myths that we hear over and over from entrepreneurs. I don’t mean once in a while! Every day, I’m talking about one of these six comments made by entrepreneurs like you and just like me. I get it!  It can be challenging to determine which are true and which are false.  We know you hear these too!
That’s why I had to make a call to one of my favorite social media friends and asked if she would come on so we can talk about these and share them with you! Dhariana Lozano is a Social Media Today Expert, Hubspot Academy course contributor, and you can also find her articles in Social Media Week, Business2Community, and the Agorapulse blog.

Below are the six most common myths we hear as social media marketers:

  1. You want to market to a larger audience. If your target audience is too small, you’ll leave money on the table.   You have a product, and everyone can technically be a customer! I’m a digital marketing and success coach, so can I help any business owner? Sure! So why would I limit my target audience to women entrepreneurs? Am I leaving money on the table by not marketing to men also? Am I afraid that my niche is too narrow?
  2. Email is dead. Do you know how many emails I get? No one is going to open my email; why would I put my energy there? They won’t even see it! It’ll get deleted. Email is dead. Social media is where it’s at!
  3. Retargeting is creepy. It’s so creepy when I click on a website, and then all I see are ads from that same company! That’s super creepy.
  4. Once I have a website, my business will explode. I don’t want to make my site live because I want to ensure that every little detail is in place. After all, once my site is live, my phone will blow up! I won’t be able to handle the crowd coming through my front door! So let’s wait.  Or maybe…..I can’t wait for my website to be finished because I will be completely booked with appointments. I won’t need to “do” social media after that or worry about email. I’ll have a website. People will find me easily!
  5. Once I’m on social media, my business will explode. Just take the example in #4 and swap out “website” for “social media”!
  6. Social media is only successful if you have a big budget. I can’t compete with Company A because they are HUGE and have a bigger budget than I do. I’ll never be able to grow my business because I don’t have that type of budget.

Sound familiar? Maybe one or two? Maybe you’ve heard all 6, or if you’re brave enough, have even said one of the six! You may even be buying into one of these right now! If so, then check out our conversation as we debunk the 6 most common myths we hear.